Saturday, 7 February 2009

Obama's Missing Powers of Self-reflection

Two days ago, the annual National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington DC. As far as I can gather, this event mainly brings together politicians and social/religious field workers to discuss peace & justice issues. I don't know how much it actually has to do with prayer.

President Obama attended and presented his new faith initiatives, a Faith Advisory Council and the renaming of the White House Office for Faith Partnerships (started by George W. Bush) to the Office for Faith and Neighbourhood Partnerships. He also said this [emphases mine]:

There is no doubt that the very nature of faith means that some of our beliefs will never be the same. We read from different texts. We follow different edicts. We subscribe to different accounts of how we came to be here and where we are going next—and some subscribe to no faith at all.

But no matter what we choose to believe, let us remember that there is no religion whose central tenet is hate. There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know.


In a world that grows smaller by the day, perhaps we can begin to crowd out the destructive forces of zealotry and make room for the healing power of understanding.”

Given that Obama is himself an extremely "zealous" supporter of the "destructive" practice of abortion, having vowed to vote for an act intended to lift ALL restrictions on abortion whatsoever and having fought hard against an act intended to end the practice of callously leaving abortion survivors to die, I am not really sure how much he actually "knows".

It's sad - I really liked Obama at first, and thought he was intelligent. Well, he is, but probably too much so for his own good. I follow him on many oeconomic and social issues, but his abortion views can best be described as extremist, fundamentalist. He is, like, the Osama bin Laden of Abortionism! Even the vast majority of the American public disagrees with him on this issue. And if you don't believe me, watch this poll.

I'd much rather have this guy for a Black US President.

Thanks to American Papist.

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